Walpole Island Community and Health Services

Walpole Island First Nation
519-627-1481 or http://walpoleislandfirstnation.ca/
Walpole Island Social Services
519-627-6072 or http://walpoleislandfirstnation.ca/social-services/

Walpole Island Health Centre
519-627-0765 or https://walpoleislandfirstnation.ca/health-centre/

Walpole Island Community Services Program
519-627-0767 or http://walpoleislandfirstnation.ca/community-service-program/

Walpole Island Women’s Shelter
519-627-3635 or https://walpoleislandfirstnation.ca/womens-shelter/

Walpole Island Home & Community Care Program
519-627-8421 or http://walpoleislandfirstnation.ca/home-and-community-care/

P.A.C.E. Program – Click here to download and print the PACE Brochure

Bjekwanong Kinomaagewgamig – 519-627-0712

P.A.C.E. Program – Click here to download and print the PACE Brochure
Wallaceburg District Secondary School – 519-627-3368 Ext. 12558

Chatham-Kent Community Health Centre – Walpole Island
Walpole Island Mall
519-397-5455 or http://ckchc.ca/