HELP Team Services

The HELP Team offers the following services:

  • Act as a liaison between Emergency Response Personnel and community members involved or related to the Tragic Event
  • Offer emotional support for family members and friends of the people involved in the Tragic Event
  • Offer intervention for family members and friends of the victim(s)Offer intervention for community members exposed to or witnessing a Tragic Event
  • Offer debriefing services for those who may have been traumatized by a Tragic Event
  • Offer appropriate referrals to those who do not accept HELP Team services and/or those who are experiencing long-term affects


The HELP Team DOES NOT replace the Community Emergency Response Plan.  The HELP Team is not responsible for coordinating a response to a community emergency, such as: community evacuation, community blackout, chemical spill, contaminated water, rescue efforts, etc.  The HELP Team will ONLY intervene after a community emergency, and ONLY if the incident posed the threat of traumatizing community members.