HELP Team Activation & Reporting

To activate the HELP Team the department or individual(s) requesting the HELP Team’s services will need to contact the Walpole Island Women’s Shelter at 519-627-3635.  The Women’s Shelter staff will assess the nature of the incident and determine appropriate services.
Departments or Individual(s) that can Access HELP Team:

    • Walpole Island Elementary School
    • Bkejwanong Children’s Centre
    • Wallaceburg District Secondary School
    • Police Departments (Walpole Island, OPP, Chatham-Kent)
    • Fire Department
    • Walpole Island Social Services
    • Walpole Island Health Services
    • Walpole Island Women’s Shelter
    • Walpole Island Chief and/or Director of Operations

Information Required When Reporting a Tragic Event to Women’s Shelter:

  1. Contact name
  2. Contact information (E.g. Phone numbers, beeper, address, etc.)
  3. Time and place of the incident
  4. Brief description of the incident
  5. Meeting time and place