Walpole Island HELP Team

The Walpole Island HELP Team is a community-based Trauma Response Team, who are responsible for assisting/supporting community members who have experienced a Tragic Event, such as: tragic house fire, unexpected death, suicide, homicide, fatal auto accidents, aftermaths of community disaster, etc.  Upon the request of designated community service providers, the HELP Team will be able to offer support, intervention and debriefing services to community members during and after a Tragic Event.
The HELP Team will also be utilized as a back-up Trauma Response Team for the Walpole Island Elementary School, Bkejwanong Children’s Centre and Wallaceburg District Secondary School.  Designated school personnel can activate the HELP Team during and/or after a Tragic Event.  The HELP Team should ONLY be activated after all in-school resources have been exhausted.
The team is formulated of community service providers and volunteers (E.g. Health Services, Social Services, education, trained volunteers, etc.) who are trained and educated in trauma and related interventions (E.g. trauma, crisis, suicide, physical and sexual abuse/assault, debriefing, drugs/alcohol related incidents, etc.).